“Radvilių sodyba” lakeActive leisure, relaxation, and water sports await you at the “Radvilių sodyba” retreat. Located on the hilly lakeside Nevezis, this retreat is perfect for a sauna lover, an avid fisherman, and anyone into active leisure.

20 people can stay in two cottages located at a distance from each other, each of which has a kitchenette, shower and WC. There is a 10 seat sauna with an outdoor porch. A company of friends, work colleagues or relatives can get together at one table outdoors or indoors – there are two gazebos in the territory and a hall for 20 people.

"Radvilių sodyba" retreatThere is a large football field, tennis court, basketball and volleyball courts on the spacious lakeside. For water activities we offer boats, a water bike and a kayak. We can arrange catering for banquets, and for the more modest visits – cook fish soup on the fire.

“Radvilių sodyba” lake"Radvilių sodyba" retreat